Why Social Media Marketing?

Our Social Media Marketing team has a fully tailored solid social media marketing strategies in place that ensure enhanced brand reputation, higher conversion, enhanced inbound traffic, and positive customer experience. To achieve the targets in the right way, we make the use of right marketing tools, proper management, and amazing creativity.

Increased Brand Awareness

Our wisely implemented social media marketing plan will exponentially increase your brand recognition and increase your business’ online visibility. We make sure that more of your audience interacts with your content, it eventually improves brand awareness and begins building your business reputation online.

More Inbound

With our right SMM strategies, we help you reach out to your loyal customer base. By syndicating your genuine and quality content on as many social media and social bookmarking platforms, organically increase your business reach. By marketing efforts from Sarvang and its social media marketing team, brands can effectively open up their business to reach a wider audience.

Higher Conversion

As our efforts start to improve your brand visibility online, your business gets more opportunities for conversion. Our unique and engaging social media content (blog post, image, video, or comment) entice viewers and compel them to visit your company’s website. It not only brings more online conversion opportunities but also personifies your brand recognition.

Why Sarvang?

Reliable Social Media Marketing Team

Our social media marketing team is the best. From social media analysts to social media geeks, we have gems in our team who know where your audience is. The minimum experience of our least experienced social buff is 5+ years.

Proven Social Media Marketing Strategy

Starts from setting up your social media campaign to creating and syndicating social content, we do it all with perfection. At Sarvang, we believe quality engages better than quantity. We produce social content that resonates with your audience better.

Credible Service and Transparency Ensured

All we do for your social media marketing campaigns are well documented. Our transparent social media strategy divides campaign into high-level sections and assigns specific tasks each individual in the team for quicker execution and faster results.

How Our SMM Services Work?

Brand Study and Requirement Gathering

Our social media marketing team meets a client’s representative to gather information required to launch a social media campaign.

Identify Target Audience

Once we get to know what our client actually wants in terms of service and campaign, next we go to explore the right audience who’d be genuinely interested in their products and services.

Strategy Formation

Sarvang has in-place an advanced social media marketing strategy and planning. We boast of our social strategy that comprises of the most valuable elements of social media marketing: insights, talent and brand audience.


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